Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, we will now offer Tele-consultation online to our overseas patients.

Please see the following guide to book a Teleconsultation with Dr Paul Chiam or. Dr Lim Choon Pin

  1. Email us at enquiry@heartvascularcentre.com, call us at +65 6735 3022 or whatsapp us at +65 96640822 to enquire and book a teleconsultation session.
  2. Our teleconsultation will be via Google-Meet or Zoom.
  3. Ensure that you have the following on your device:
  •  Camera/Video and Microphone option.
  • Gmail account for Google-meet/ Google-meet app installed on your phone,





  • Zoom application installed on your phone



4. Teleconsultation Fees:

Contact us for more details on the charges. Once we receive the payment, you can secure the booking for teleconsultation and the exact date and time will be set.

5. For payment, we accept:

  • Overseas Remittance (Bank Transfer)
  • AMEX cardless- transaction
  • PayNow to our corporate account, UEN No: 201410445Z

*note: that bank fees are chargeable to patient

6. Send a remittance advice or proof of payment to us.

7. On the date of teleconsultation

  • Meeting via Google-meet or Zoom
  • We will provide the meeting code/ password
  • Teleconsultation commences

*note: you may contact us to check if certain tests should be done prior the teleconsultation, e.g. blood tests or ECG

8. Follow up after consultation

  • Next appointment (if any)
  • Medications for overseas delivery/ Prescriptions

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